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Stacie Johnson Ed.D Candidate..


Mrs. Stacie L Johnson is a native Cincinnatian who has always had a passion and excitement to empower others and implement change.   Stacie Johnson never let the setback of her earlier life stop her in her quest to make a difference. She decided to go back to school in 2004 to acquire an associate in Criminal Justice where she found the passion as a change agent and motivator not only to women, but to men who have been affected by the setbacks of life.   She continued her educational journey by obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from The University of Phoenix and a Masters in Human Services with a concentration in Non-profit Management. Stacie is currently obtaining her Ed.D in Organizational Development and Leadership at Grand Canyon University.

Stacie founded Adonai Ministries and the Family is First Project in 2005.  The Family is First Project is a family reunification program that is facilitated within the Correctional Facilities.  This program not only teaches and trains the inmates but it connects the families and brings awareness of the devastating effects prison has on the family unit. The Family is First Project in 2015 provided services to over 500 families; restoring relationships and promoting change.

Stacie was honored for her outstanding volunteer work in the community and prisons by Steven Beshear, Governor of KY, who awarded and recognized her as a Kentucky Colonial. Stacie Johnson is an inspirational speaker, mentor, motivator, and minister. She has worked closely with The Ohio Department of Corrections, Citizens Circle, and Offender Re-entry Programs.

Stacie has profound knowledge in corrections and has acted as a consultant advocating for families and inmates who deserve another chance.

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