“Engage – Inspire – Achieve”

“Engage – Inspire – Achieve” Where The Only Limitations Are Set By – YOU!

Important to Remember...

Even when life seems to ‘derail’ you – even that, has its purpose! Regroup. . . Aim high. . . And make the next move!


SUCCESS is about Crossing the finish line… Not, how fast you get there!

Growing Tip...

Your harvest is based on The seeds YOU plant – and how well you NURTURE them!


“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” — Helen Keller




White House Recog138nized Author, Inspirational Speaker, Founder and CEO of “I Dream Academy” (Mentoring and Development) and Intervention Consultant. Mr. De’Ron Smith created new trends in the areas of Mentoring and Development. Understanding his immediate population with great insight and precision, in addition to understanding the vast challenges of human beings, in general, De’Ron Smith is a Walking, Breathing, Living example of Courage, Commitment, and Change!

Hitting the world with his introductory electrifying memoir of overcoming all odds, De’Ron Smith’s elegantly woven novel proves that we truly do possess the ability to rise beyond any situation! Innocence of a Child is more than a novel – it’s a guide to self-discovery, emotional restoration – and most impactfully – HOPE!

Noted as an influential, elegantly orchestrated and gifted Inspirational Speaker, his audiences, ranging from young children to adults, have all been inspired to believe that, there is NO Dream too big or any obstacle that can stand in their way!

Mr. De’Ron Smith, first received national attention when he served on a White House Round-table discussion panel of the Honorable Barbera Bushs’ “Mentoring Initiative Movement”(2008). From there, his achievements in the field of mentoring, youth development and social and emotional stability, has soared! With countless news paper articles, radio and television interviews, ranging from local to across the country, Mr. Smith’s expertise, experience, and knowledge in this field is being sought after abroad. Recognizing his level of expertise and result based outcomes, he has been asked to contract and partner with agencies in his home town of Cincinnati, such as:

  • Hamilton County Juvenile Courts
  • Cincinnati Public School System
  • University of Cincinnati (Research and Criminal Justice Department)
  • Adult Parole Authorities
  • Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
  • Lighthouse Youth Services
  • Northern Kentucky University

Mr. Smith was a recurring Lecturer/Presenter at Northern Kentucky University (MSW Students Department), but have honored requests from other esteemed colleges such as, College of Mt. St. Joseph, National College, as well as Atlanta and Chicago for youth violence conferences.

To accompany his personally experienced memoir, he possesses an immeasurable amount of professional credentials. . . a few to note:

  • Six years of advance education
  • CDCA -Board of Chemical Dependency-
  • Career Development Practioner – (National Institute of Correction/Dept of Justice)
  • Workforce Development Specialist
  • Specializing in youths with Trauma (Certification)
  • Department of Rehabilitation and Correction’s approved
  • Over 25 years servicing socially and emotionally challenged individuals
  • and much more . . .

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