“Engage – Inspire – Achieve”

“Engage – Inspire – Achieve” Where The Only Limitations Are Set By – YOU!

Important to Remember...

Even when life seems to ‘derail’ you – even that, has its purpose! Regroup. . . Aim high. . . And make the next move!


SUCCESS is about Crossing the finish line… Not, how fast you get there!

Growing Tip...

Your harvest is based on The seeds YOU plant – and how well you NURTURE them!


“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” — Helen Keller


Seminars and Workshops



Workshops and Seminar:

Youths deal with things NOT often verbalized. With “I Dream Academy’s” Teens Tears Workshops and Seminars – they’ll feel comfortable and secure to “Air It Out”!

If you are an Agency, School or Religious Entity, and hear the Loud Cries or even recognize the Silent Cries of our youths, our Workshops and Seminars are effectively designed to address an array of topics from:


*Thinking (Cognitive),

* Bullying,

* Depression,IMG_1724

* Self-esteem,

* Peer Pressure,

* Career Base,

*Anger(how to manage and recognize triggers)

*Conflict Resolution/Problem Solving

* Leadership

* Academics


And More. . .

A NEW strategy to Social and Emotional Development!