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IMG_0872s      “The Solution Lies Within YOUR Hands”




To therapeutically assist in the welfare and positive development of individuals which stands a greater risk of encountering social, emotional, and academic challenges.


Walking A Dangerous Path:

Without the proper tools, guidance and resources, youths could face an increased amount of unforeseen challenges. Because of such, schools, professional services, and communities are forced to peer deeper into their lives.


We’ve taken Therapy to a whole NEW level! We understand that youths are often dealing with a greater degree of Social and Emotional challenges in these day and times. As a result of such INTENSE pressures upon them – we’ve discovered that, they are in need of much more ENGAGEMENT – rather than, “over the desk table talk”- which becomes boring and uninteresting. Finding the CORE of the problem is our focus! Through our M.E.E. (Mentoring through Engagement and Education) component, it’s amazing what you’ll discover and the therapeutic progress you can achieve when defenses are down!


I Dream Academy” utilizes Newly Evidence Based, inspiring learning activities such as:

  • self-confidence and self-esteem building sessions
  • martial arts
  • boxing,
  • drama (theater)
  • field trips to expose youth/young adults to more career options
  • physical fitness training and healthy eating
  • young parenting/fatherhood education
  • peer to peer support
  • entrepreneurship
  • leadership and development
  • career prep (via our computer l
  • youth apprenticeship programs
  • crisis intervention . . . much more!

          A NEW strategy in Social and Emotional Development!

(Currently in research by University of Cincinnati – Dept of Research/Criminal Justice)

***WithI Dream Academy“, our participants will not only get his or her Social and Emotional needs met – they’ll have fun while developing!