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Mentoring (Holistic Style)

IMG_1944W focus on the WHOLE person!

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Mentoring is CRITICAL in an era where there are a lot of single parent homes (a high degree of them being females). IMG_0527camaraderie_and_team_building_skills01IMG_0415



In certain populations, it’s not uncommon to receive a healthy piece of assistance. Doing so, is NOT a negative reflection on either parent – just that, having that additional positive influence can make a huge difference!




They run an awesome and I do mean awesome IMG_0997sMentor Program! Need more info please email him and tell him Telisa sent you!

Ms. Telisa Jones
CEO/ Bella The Pink Elephant


A NEW strategy in Social and Emotional Development.       

                            (Currently researched by Univ Cinti Dept of Research/Criminal Justice)

20160726_194703_resized    Mentoring is “Developing good work ethics and employment skills!”