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Air it OUT! Teen Tears:

IMG_1609Teen Crisis (AKA) Teens Tears:

                                                 (Let the healing begin!)

Social and Emotional Development (forum)Teens Tears is dIMG_0520esigned for Teens who are going through challenges, personally, physically, emotionally, culturally and socially, any of which that contributes to the breakdown or impediment of a productive and healthy development.

Youths deal with things NOT often verbalized. This section allows the Teen to express him or herself in the degree or manner in which he/she/they can find solutions – in turn – Heal! Teens Tears emphasizes on the Teen’s ability to find adequate Social and Emotional stability to the point that he/she/they can move forward and assist others!



We never know what’s on a person’s mind!

A NEW strategy in Social and Emotional Development!